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We welcome the opportunity to discuss the needs and potential for us to work with you to develop and deliver modified lacrosse programs and sessions at your school. We have delivered three types of modified lacrosse programs with local primary and secondary schools. Each program and session is delivered by a certified Development Officer (DO) with Working With Children Certification (WWC).

Students and teachers have enjoyed and benefited from learning and playing lacrosse with Subiaco. Numerous students within our area and club have represented and won national and international championships at the State, National and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) levels.


Lacrosse with Subiaco Lacrosse Club provides many benefits to students, teachers, schools and prospective players. These include:

  1. No cost to the school – there will be no cost to the school or student for in-school hours programs. So it doesn’t matter if you use the Healthways and Quick Stix programs.

  2. Build confident and camaraderie – as minor sport, lacrosse allows new players to feel less anxiety due the lower number of players and teams in a club or competition;

  3. “Try something new – often the uniqueness of lacrosse attracts students and players who would like to try another sport that isn’t mainstream after playing another or mainstream sport for a long period of time;

  4. Even playing field” - as a minor and unique sport, generally speaking few students will have an advantage in learning lacrosse for the first time as many have not tried or played it before;

  5. Well-equipped and supported – we are able to bring equipment for the sessions and also offer loan equipment to students and new players who would like to try lacrosse for a season or two before deciding if it really is for them;

  6. Conveniently located and well established in Shenton Park - We have been located at Rosalie Park, Derby Road, Shenton Park since 1940. Our people, clubrooms and fields provide the friendly and safe environment for all players and parents;

  7. Options, options, options – we are able to modify and tailor lacrosse to meet the needs of your students, parents and teachers. We can work with you to structure sessions for as many weeks as you would like. Over this time we will be able to coach teachers to build their understanding and capability allowing them to run their own sessions;

  8. Development Officers – we currently have 7 DO and able to meet the preferred dates and times for your sessions; and

  9. Goals for your school – noticing that all kids (and adults) gravitate towards a goal when they have a ball in hand or at foot, along with Mosman Park Men’s Shed we would like to make and donate some sets of goals to your school.


We can also offer a “Corporate Day” in our fully equipped clubrooms as an “Away Day” as part of a team building or planning day. We welcome the opportunity to discuss and develop this lacrosse offering with yourself of delegate. I will happily respond to any queries, comments or feedback you may have for us.

Please contact the Club President on if you'd like more coaching and teaching resources and support.

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