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2024 Fees and Payments

1 game*        2-3 games        4-7 games        8+ games

Modcrosse                                                                    $95                TBD                 TBD                 $190

Junior player (includes U11, U13, U14, U15, and U17)       $95                $145              $170               $280

Senior student                                                                $95                $160              $245               $375

Senior player                                                                 $95                $170              $300               $450

*Price covers the cost for insurance

A flexible fee structure is provided to allow players to play as few or many games as they think they will or do play in a season. Prices are based on the players primary playing grade for the season and are inclusive of $95 insurance fee. Bank transfer or EFTPOS is preferred. Please contact for payment plans

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